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Ruta 11. The Royal way of the Llémena Valley.

START:  Green area "La Pineda" - Sant Gregori.

END:  Sant Aniol de Finestres
DISTANCE: 25 km.
DURATION: 6h 30 min. One way. 
ELEVATION: +526/-215metres
DIFFICULTY: easy (it's better to walk by stages)
SENYALITZACIÓ:  orange paint and green signs.



This route goes out from the green area of La Pineda in Sant Gregori, although you can also take this route from Girona, next to the Fontajau sports centre and through the new area of green spaces. To start the tour from La Pineda you must follow the paved road towards the bridge and just before reaching it turn right along a path marked as "Camí de Llémena". Follow this path along the river for 1,5km until you get the paved road and turn le­ to the neighbourhood “Veïnat de l’església”. From the neighbourhood follow the signs “Camí de Llémena” leading to Ginestar until you arrive at “can Verdaguer” house. In less than 50 metres from the house take a path on the right. This one leads to a forest road. Turn right and a few metres a­fter you will find a fork to the le­ onto a track that goes up. Continue on this track until you find the road leading to the sanctuary of St. Afra. Behind the sanctuary there is a track on the le­ that leads to the chapel of the virgin of Fatima. At the chapel turn to the le­ and go down a track where you can see the ancient marks of carriages. Follow this road until you reach the river and cross it at the point you find the signs. Go on along a parallel path to the river and just follow the signs straight. A­er leaving the neighbourhoods of Llorà and Sant Medir you will arrive at KM.15 of the GI-531 road. That is the plain of Sant Joan. Cross the road and continue along a path to the other side. In a few meters you will reach an information panel about the volcano the Banya de Boc. Follow the path to the le­ back to the main road (about 800 meters). Follow a small stretch of asphalt and take a path to the le­ that passes a few cottages and fields. Cross the road once again and go on until you reach Sant Martí de Llémena. At this place do not cross the river but continue on the same side to find the road to Granollers de Rocacorba. On the other side of the road the path keeps going down to find the river. Head to the neighbourhood of Raval and cross the Llémena river. Continue along the path on the other side of the river. From here you will find the yellow signs of the walking network Itinerànnia. Go out to the asphalt road, to the track to Sant Esteve's Church. Turn to the right as if you were going to the church, cross the bridge and turn le­ to come back onto the path. Shortly aft­er, you will arrive at Sant Esteve de Llémena. Go through the village until you find the information panel that indicates your position and a sign pointing the direction of Sant Aniol de Finestres. Follow the Itinerànnia’s yellow marks (3.6 km). From the point where the main road ends you have to cross the river. Walk through the asphalt road to find a path that goes behind the camping area called “the Plant”. This trail follows a series of unfrequented paths that cross the Llémena river. You must be careful not to lose the yellow marks along the trails. A­er walking for about 2,5km you will reach a curve in the road. This one connects Sant Aniol and the hermitage of Sant Miquel de Bustins. Now you just have to go down the paved road (on the le­) and you will be in Sant Aniol de Finestres, just near the restaurant Can Tura. The back way will follow the same itinerary, or you can take the bus from Sant Esteve de Llémena to Sant Gregori and Girona (previously check out the bus schedules). From Sant Aniol you can also go to the village of Les Planes d’Hostoles and link to Olot’s greenways.



Neighbourhood of “Veïnat de l’església”, Shrine of St. Afra, church of  Sant Pere de Llorà, the plain of Sant Joan, Sant Roc and Rocafesa cli‑s, historical village of Sant Martí de Llémena, village of Sant Aniol de Finestres, the landscape of the Llémena river and riparian forests.

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